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Penelope Sunnheim*LVBazilLand is a small, TICA registered, hobby cattery. We have few litters per year of Scottish Folds and Scottish Straights in various colors both long hair and short hair.

Our cats are raised in a home environment and not caged. All kittens are well socialized and healthy. A Health Guarantee is provided for each kitten. We work very hard to match each kitten with a compatible home. So if you are interested in adding a kitten to your family please email us.

The Scottish Fold is a calm, gentle and very even tempered cat. They love quiet homes, chaotic homes, shows, travel. They enjoy attention and are not usually shy with strangers. Affectionate without being "pushy", they make ideal pets. Scottish folds are not a 100% folded-eared breed. They come in two types: folded ear and straight ear. Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy cats with excellent temperaments. We hope you will love them as much as we do.